Our Values

Vise Ophthalmic Lenses (VOL) is created by team of people with combination of expertise in ophthalmic lenses industry. We are specialized in lens design research and development, lens manufacturing and market development.

We aimed to offer innovative ophthalmic products to the market at an affordable price through the advancement of technology.

Advancement of technology has led us to dynamic and fast pace lifestyle. It caused the increment of the vision correction population with high exposure of digital devices. Our products are designed for the current dynamic lifestyle, we offer progressive designs that cater to the individuals’ vision needs based on their occupation and age group. All VOL lenses come with coating and special materials that provide additional eye health protection be it indoor or outdoor guaranteeing the eye health protection beside vision correction.

All our lens comes with protective coating to optimize vision clarity and sharpness with a 12-month warranty against manufacturing defects.