i-View Adventure

i-View Adventure

  • Superior Distance Vision. Ideal for Outdoor Activities.
  • Designed for uncompromised distance vision.
  • Ideal for active wearers who require sharp vision and wide field of view while on the move.

Fitting Requirements

  • Mono PD
  • Pupillary Height
  • Pantoscopic tilt
  • Back Vertex Distance (BVD)
  • Facial Wrap
  • Frame Size: A/B/DBL/ED (54/30/15/57)

For orders without customized parameters (Pantoscopic Tilt, Facial Wrap, Back Vertex Distance) data, the lens will be personalized by default values.

Recommended Fitting Heights

  • Asians: 14 to 16mm
  • Caucasians:  17 to 20mm

Available Treatments

  1. CrystalVue
  2. DigiVue
  3. LightSense
  4. Transitions
  5. SunVue with or without CrystalVue
  6. PolarVue
  7. MirrorVue

Recommended Retail Price (SGD in pair)

EXTRA $10 for Cylinders above -4.00
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